The White Wolf by Michele Pires [ePub]

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The White Wolf by Michele Pires

Ethan carries a dark secret. A secret so big that he never dared to tell it. But when the webs of time bend and the past comes back to haunt him, he has no choice but to confront his ghosts and uncover the truth about who he really is.
Prepare for a thrilling journey through time and memory, where secrets will be revealed, betrayals will be unmasked, and the fate of humanity will hang in the balance. Ethan is about to discover that the past may be darker than he ever imagined… and that the future depends on his courage to face the truth.
What really happened that fateful night? Who is Ethan? And what secrets does it hide? Embark on this epic adventure and prepare to have your perception of reality completely changed.
This isn’t just Ethan’s story. It’s the story of all of us who have fought our inner demons and sought redemption. It is a story of love, loss, hope and the never-ending search for truth.

Are you ready to unravel the mysteries of the past and discover what the future holds? Enter this story and prepare to be surprised!

The White Wolf – Michele Pires

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