The Warrior’s Captive by Aline Ash

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The Warrior’s Captive (Wolf’s Midlife Bond #2) by Aline Ash

A ruthless warrior wolf has seized me, and now, it’s my heart that’s captive.
As the younger sister of the pack alpha, I’ve lived a life protected, cared for, always prioritizing the pack’s welfare. At thirty-nine, my only escape from this dull existence is through the romances I devour, though I know it’s too late for my own happy ending.
My peace is shattered when a brutal warrior and his gang plunder our lands and take me captive in revenge for my brother’s actions.
Wild, ruthless, and commanding, Castor embodies everything I should fear, like the villain from the pages of my books. He and his pack are bloodthirsty murderers without laws or morals. Yet, every time he’s near, my traitorous body responds in ways I never imagined.
The closer we get, the more I see beyond Castor’s rough exterior—he’s not a villain, but a wounded hero—and the more I crave him and our forbidden, delicious moments together.
But when Castor’s packmates turn against him because of me, can I trust him to choose me over his wolves? Should I flee or risk everything for the enigmatic warrior who’s captured my heart?

The Warrior’s Captive – Aline Ash

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