The Viking’s Kitten by Cassi Hart

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The Viking’s Kitten (Someone to Fight For #4) by Cassi Hart

The last thing I expected when I banged on my neighbor’s door was to see . . . him. The tattooed giant with muscles for days whom I’ve been eyeing for the past couple of weeks. I knew he lived in my building, but he’s my obnoxious neighbor? Despite my attraction to him, I can’t quite let go of my irritation, which makes it all the more frustrating when my sexy, annoying neighbor comes to my rescue. But I soon find out there is more to this man than bulging muscles and loud music. Before I know it, I’m head over heels and ready to beg this rogue fighter to keep me forever. Only to find out forever might be the last thing on his mind.

Having spent the last decade as a professional MMA fighter, I’m ready to retire and start enjoying the spoils of the career I paid for in sweat and blood. Only one more fight is all that stands between me and the rest of my life. I should be focused on my training and preparing for a new life, but when my feisty little neighbor comes knocking, all that focus goes out the window. All I want is to make her mine, but this kitten has claws, and I’ll have to endure some scratches to make her see the truth. She is mine. Forever.

The Viking’s Kitten – Cassi Hart

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