The Vampire Downstairs by Ashlyn Chase

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The Vampire Downstairs (Boston Uncommon #3) by Ashlyn Chase

This Old Boston Brownstone is not known for quiet living. First the shapeshifter meets his nurse; then the werewolf falls for his curvy lawyer; and now the vampire is looking for love with an agoraphobic witch who’s afraid of the dark. And you thought your neighbors had issues!

Undead Sly is content playing vigilante vampire, keeping the neighborhood safe for his daughter.
But when he injures his fang, he can’t go to a dentist, so he turns to the nurturing witch upstairs.
Morgaine had finally dropped the goth look for her natural beauty, stunning Sly. Surprised that his libido had returned after many years as a widower, he hopes the two of them can get past their deepest fears, before their chance at a “sort-of-normal life” slips away.

The Vampire Downstairs – Ashlyn Chase

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