The Throne of Honor and Blood by J Bree

The Throne of Honor and Blood (The Mortal Fates #2) by J Bree – Download this ePUB for Free & share your feedback in the comments.

From J. Bree, bestselling author of The Bonds That Tie, comes the second installment in her epic and enthralling romantasy series.
In our arrogance, the high fae forgot everything that mattered.I carved out a reputation as the Savage Prince for my brutality against witches, but unable to wield our magic, I couldn’t stop my kingdom from being torn apart by war and famine while the Fates demanded my patience.
The worst was still to come.After almost a thousand years of waiting for my Fates-blessed mate, and thousands of witches dead by my hand, the Fates revealed their cruelest truth yet.With silver eyes that sliced to the bone and a humility that defied all reason, the witch I’m bound to has tested every inch of my restraint, but that was only the beginning.Everything I once knew as true has come into question.Loyalties will be tested, treaties broken, treason committed, and only the strongest will survive.
I am Prince Soren Celestial.The rightful heir to the throne of the Southern Lands.Nothing will keep me from my Fates-blessed mate.Not even her hatred for me.

The Throne of Honor and Blood – J Bree ePUB

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  • Date May 23, 2024
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