The Thief’s Desire by Sorcha Everhart

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The Thief’s Desire (Sageport #3) by Sorcha Everhart

Love and magic intertwine in the ultimate heist…

Former circus acrobat Ziola harbors dreams of glory within the Guild of Thieves and Spies. She is determined to find success in the male dominated guild using only her dexterity and wit to navigate the shadowy recesses of the city. Her life takes an unexpected turn when she attempts a theft assigned to another guild member.

Remy, a master thief and spy, wears his cynicism and irreverence like armor. A shifter with an almost compulsive need for privacy, he will only accept solitary assignments. His latest job thrusts him into the heart of darkness, challenging his instincts and forcing him to confront his deepest fears.

Bound by a mission to retrieve the Eye of Oris, Remy and Ziola’s initial disdain blooms into a sizzling attraction, tempered by danger and mistrust. But with the city on the brink of chaos and a magical artifact that can rewrite history at stake, can Ziola and Remy navigate their burgeoning feelings, or will their fiery connection spell disaster for both their hearts and the world around them?

The Thief’s Desire – Sorcha Everhart

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