The Sunshine Sisters: Blossom by Rosie Green [ePub]

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The Sunshine Sisters: Blossom (Little Duck Pond Cafe #34) by Rosie Green

Blossom Sunshine’s life is anything but boring right now. She’s determined to finally solve the mystery of who her biological father is – despite Mum Ada putting a spanner in the works. What is Ada trying to hide? Meanwhile, best friend Billy is doing his best to impress Jenna. This means cutting back on the cakes and carbs that he loves, but Jenna’s worth it. Isn’t she?
And then there’s Blossom’s own love life, which has been a catalogue of disasters up till now – but that was before she met Trevor. He’s not her usual type but she thinks maybe that’s a good thing? Could this be real love at long last?
One thing’s for certain – the path to her achieving her heart’s desire looks anything but smooth!

The Sunshine Sisters: Blossom – Rosie Green

Download The Sunshine Sisters: Blossom by Rosie Green [ePub]

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