The Star Next Door by Mallory Casper

The Star Next Door (The Star Next #1) by Mallory Casper – Download this ePUB for Free & share your feedback in the comments.

What if you were in love with a fictional character… and he lived in your backyard?
Trix Quinn is a lifelong fan of Dawn of the Sword, a fantasy book series that is receiving a new television adaptation– one that is filming in her hometown! She couldn’t be more excited to have more opportunities to create cosplay for the franchise she loves, especially as it distracts her from her ailing parents and unsatisfying job as a “Karen Wrangler” at the local SaveMore.But things grow complicated when Trix’s family rents out their guesthouse. The renter is Marty Chase Jr., who is playing Trix’s favorite character. Is Trix’s attraction to Marty just because of his role in the show? And can Marty ever see Trix as anything more than a fangirl?

The Star Next Door – Mallory Casper ePUB

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