The Small-Town Seduction Plan by Lila Monroe [ePub]

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The Small-Town Seduction Plan (Hollywood Bachelors #5) by Lila Monroe

Fall for the hot and hilarious grumpy-sunshine romantic comedy from the bestselling author, Lila Monroe!

Duke Hendricks is grumpy, infuriating… and my new fake boyfriend?!
I never figured running out on my Hollywood wedding in search of true love would put me on the tabloid hit list, but with my reputation up in smoke, I need to lay low for the summer in Blackberry Cove. The quirky small town would be the perfect spot for a relaxing summer… if it wasn’t for the hunky local craftsman cursing my name at every turn.
Duke’s shaping up to be the bane of my existence — and the object of some unwelcome late-night desires. I’m determined to keep my distance… until the paparazzi catch him sucking snake venom from my thigh at the worst possible time.
My inner thigh.
Now I’ve got an(other) epic scandal brewing, and the only chance to turn my career around is pulling off the Oscar-worthy performance of a lifetime:
Faking a relationship with the man who can’t stand me.
Who says I don’t suffer for my art? The rules should be simple, but it turns out, Duke’s hiding a heart of gold under all that flannel. You can’t fake chemistry like this, and soon, those staged PDAs are turning into sizzling secret hook-ups. But between small-town gossip, rapid paparazzi, and Hollywood drama, Duke and I might be heading straight for a very real heartbreak.

Can we change the script and find our happily-ever-after? Find out in the sizzling grumpy-sunshine romance with all the small-town fake dating fun!

The Small-Town Seduction Plan – Lila Monroe

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