The Sharpest Edges by Anna Callaway [ePub]

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The Sharpest Edges by Anna Callaway

Ava learned long ago that she’s safest with her heart locked up. As a nurse in a small town prison, she’s never been tempted to break the rules. Never, ever get involved with the prisoners. Until the guards drag a new inmate into her infirmary, scarred and wounded and wary of her touch.
Trust doesn’t come easy for Ava, she has already been hurt in more ways than one, but Dean’s gentleness draws her in, and his trauma is familiar. How crazy is it that the only man she’s felt safe with, the only one to spark a rare flame of desire, is a convicted felon? Falling for him could get her fired, and letting him into her life could stir up long-buried ghosts of her past.

She must decide if it’s worth the risk to nurture this forbidden romance both inside and outside the prison walls.

The Sharpest Edges – Anna Callaway

Download The Sharpest Edges by Anna Callaway [ePub]

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