The Secret Keeper by Maggie Miller

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The Secret Keeper (Hideaway Bay #1) by Maggie Miller

A brand-new epic novel from best-selling author Maggie Miller; The Secret Keeper is the first in a trilogy and the big summer read you’ve been waiting for.

Harper Calhoun lives a pretty rarified life. She’s the personal confidant of Hollywood’s elite. But she does more than rub elbows with them. She helps them make big decisions, gives them advice when they need it, and coaches them on how to deal with the pressures of fame.
She’s even dating one of the biggest superstars. But when the spotlight turns on her, she’s the one who can’t deal with the pressure. The risk is too great that the truth about who she really is will be exposed.
So Harper does the only thing she can think of. She packs up and heads to the cottage she’s recently inherited from a very grateful client. A cottage on a random beach in Florida seems like the perfect place to escape and figure out how to move forward.
She didn’t intend to become a professional secret keeper, but there’s no turning back now. Can she escape the media microscope, or is her past about to be exposed?

The Secret Keeper – Maggie Miller

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