The Root of It by K. L. Thorne

The Root of It by K. L. Thorne – Download this ePUB for Free & share your feedback in the comments.

When Max Harley takes on a maternity cover job as a dental assistant in a swanky new private practice, he doesn’t for one moment believe he’ll fit in, never mind fall desperately in lust with his new boss.
Dr Rowan Thompson is as perfect as they come – tall and handsome, with a great body and an even better personality… There’s just one problem – he’s married, with a teenage daughter.
Believing he doesn’t stand a chance, Max tries to put Rowan out of his mind, until a passionate kiss at a workplace party changes everything.
As Max gets to know Rowan better, he soon discovers the dentist’s home life – including his supposed marriage – isn’t as perfect as it seems.

Will Max get to the root of the issue, or will keeping their secret be like pulling teeth?

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