The Relationship Clause by Emily Evermore [ePub]

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The Relationship Clause by Emily Evermore

Keeping an eye out for corporate espionage is hard enough when you’re not falling for the boss…

The gig of fake secretary is simple: find the mole trying to sabotage my grumpy boss’s tech company while simultaneously keeping his mother off his back. In the meantime, I get to collect a tidy sum which I desperately need.
Piece of cake.
Or, it would be, if he wasn’t so attractive and he didn’t also happen to be my best friend’s brother…
But I can be professional. I’m terrible at long-term relationships anyway and besides that, I signed a contract.
Unfortunately, nowhere in that contract did it say I’d be going on an overnight trip with him.
It also didn’t say we’d be pretending we were in a real relationship.
And for sure there was no warning or clause or stipulation for how to conduct myself when I accidentally see my fake boyfriend/boss in just his briefs passed out on my bed.
Worst of all?
No one said falling for him would hurt so much.

The Relationship Clause – Emily Evermore

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