The Quit List by Katie Bailey

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He quit believing in love a long time ago. She won’t quit until she finds the One…and he’s everything she’s NOT looking for.Holly Greene is on a mission to find her happily ever after. And her journey to love does not include a detour to Bad Boy Bartenderville, population Jax Grainger.Jax may be witty, smart-mouthed, and handsome, but he’s the kind of guy who views love as a four-letter word… and the last thing Holly needs is to waste any more time.She’s in her seeking Prince Charming era, not her playboy villain era.But after he saves her from the world’s worst date, Holly sees an opportunity: Jax may not check any of the boxes on her list, but he’s the perfect person to help her find a man who does.All she has to do is stick to the plan—and stay out of the sexy bartender’s arms.Easy peasy lemon sque… Oops.

The Quit List – Katie Bailey ePUB

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