The Pucker Next Door by Sara Ney

The Pucker Next Door by Sara Ney – Download this ePUB for Free & share your feedback in the comments.

When a squirrel chews its way through my bedroom wall, I do the first thing any single girl like me would do: run frantically out of the house to the neighbors, begging for help.I should mention that the house next door is full of hockey players. And when I lock eyes on rough and rugged Brodie Stockhausen—who happens to be outside brooding on the porch—I’m not exactly impressed.But I’m desperate, in a bathrobe, and needa bit of rescuing.Soon I’m begging for his help with more than just squirrel duty and DIY projects. I want his attention and his touch—not just his friendship! I want what every girl wants: him lying in his bed at night, so desperate for me that he’s willing to scale two stories to sneak into my window. Hey, a girl can dream…But Brodie has a secret; one that leaves me wanting more every time we’re together but has him pulling away…

The Pucker Next Door – Sara Ney ePUB

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