The Prince’s Curse by J.D. Monroe

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The Prince’s Curse (Cursed Blood #6) by J.D. Monroe

With the most pressing threats gone, Julian Alcott should be able to rest easy knowing his new court and the city of Atlanta are safe.
Unfortunately, Armina Voss has her sights set on him and the woman he has loved for nearly two hundred years. And the time has come for her to strike at Julian’s heart yet again.
This time around, things are different. Shoshanna York, a skilled human witch, is using every spell in the book to break this brutal curse. But Armina Voss is old, powerful, and ruthless, and she will stop at nothing to ensure that Julian suffers.
Even worse, his once-sweet love is now a battle-hardened vampire hunter who wants nothing more than bloody vengeance on the man who killed her family. Unfortunately, she thinks Julian is the culprit and has trained for more than ten years to take him down.
Two powerful witches.
Two star-crossed lovers.
Dozens of fates hanging in the balance.
Can Julian break through to her and convince her to see who he really is? Or are they eternally doomed to repeat their tragic tale?

The Prince’s Curse – J.D. Monroe

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