The Poisoner by I.V. Ophelia

The Poisoner (The Poisoner #1) by I.V. Ophelia – Download this ePUB for Free & share your feedback in the comments.

“Have you ever wondered how long it would take for a lethal dose of arsenic to kill you?Thirty-five hours, twenty-nine minutes, and fifteen seconds.I should know. I counted myself.”
Amidst the gaslit alleys and cobblestone streets of Victorian London, two killers find themselves entangled in a waltz they cannot escape.Alina Lis, a botanist and hobbyist poisoner, has a pastime of killing unsavory men in her twisted sense of poetic justice. When she targets the conceited playboy, Silas Forbes, only to find him in her apothecary the following week, she discovers human men are the least of her problems.The pair’s unlikely association sparks gossip among affluent society. As their mysterious bond deepens, a chilling truth emerges—concealed identities, lurking foes, and questions as plentiful as the hydra’s head brew within this haunting Gothic tale of violent passion.Will Silas and Alina find themselves in each other’s arms, or will the shadows of their past keep them apart?

The Poisoner – I.V. Ophelia ePUB

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