The Perks of Loving a Viscount by Alexa Aston

The Perks of Loving a Viscount (The Strongs of Shadowcrest #2) by Alexa Aston – Download this ePUB for Free & share your feedback in the comments.

A man who cherishes his freedom at sea. A woman who fears she will never find her place in Polite Society. Two unlikely people who come together—and find love . . .

As a boy, Seth Atwell falls in love with the sea. His uncle, Lord Hopewell, arranges for Seth to become a cabin boy, and over the years, Seth works his way up to the position of captain of a trading vessel. On a return trip home to England, he is shocked to learn that he is the new Viscount Hopewell—and must give up his seafaring ways.
Lady Philippa Strong has a zest for life and is always in motion. Curious about everything, with a love of languages and geography, Pippa doesn’t want to make her come-out with her twin. Though she adores Georgina, Pippa knows when the ton compares the two Strong twins, she will come up lacking.
Seth retreats to Hopewood, his country estate, where he encounters his ducal neighbor’s sister. Seth is drawn to Pippa’s free spirit and inquisitive nature, and she agrees to give him riding lessons since he has never been atop a horse. The pair grow close, but friendship is not enough for this viscount. He wants to claim Pippa as his viscountess.

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