The Perfect Putt by Annah Conwell [ePub]

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The Perfect Putt (More Than a Game #2) by Annah Conwell

Golf is for rich, pretentious jerks who need something to do while they gossip.
That’s always been my opinion. So when my best friend lands me an interview with Miles Day–the youngest golfer to ever win the Masters–I almost say no.
But the six-figure salary attached to the position is too good to pass up.
Miles gives me the job as his assistant, with one caveat–don’t fall in love with him. Easy. So easy that I laugh in his face when he so much as suggests the possibility.
Except… the more time I spend with Miles, the harder it is to resist his charming smile and glittering green eyes.
Catching feelings for him isn’t an option though, because I have goals to reach, and he has an aversion to commitment. Falling in love would be a mistake, one neither of us are willing to make.

The Perfect Putt – Annah Conwell

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