The Paris Roommates: Dean by Ava Miles

The Paris Roommates: Dean (The Paris Roommates #2) by Ava Miles – Download this ePUB for Free & share your feedback in the comments.

Emily in Paris meets Friends in International Bestseller Ava Miles’ hilarious new heartwarming story about the world’s most likeable hero following his dreams and looking for love with the help of an unlikely group of friends.
If only love was all bonbons and champagne.

But in reality—at least the reality tech venture capitalist Dean Harris knows—love is all give and no take until he’s discouraged and alone. At least that was what it was like in his last relationship. In the end, she was more interested in his Midas touch for turning tech companies to gold than she was in him.
So leaving San Francisco for Paris to hang out with his awesome chosen family? A no brainer. Now that he’s back in Paris, instead of bringing other people’s dreams to fruition, maybe he’ll be able to focus on his own.
If only he knew what that was.

He’s used to helping other people, not himself. But Dean knows there’s a true “It” idea waiting for him, something that will set him on fire and make him excited about life the way he felt when he launched his first startup. And if anything is going to spark that creativity, it’s his old roommates and their new restaurant endeavor.
And maybe the sexy and mysterious Jacqueline, who’s starting her own business.
Only he can’t be sure. Is Jacqueline really his dream girl? Their white-hot connection speaks of something more lasting—beyond steak frites and kisses along the Seine. Or is she just using him and his Midas touch to fund her own dreams, and he’s risking getting burned again?

It seems Paris isn’t done teaching him about life, but will Dean listen? Or will he let the past dictate his heart and keep him from his very own happily ever after?

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