The Orc’s Oath by Safia Nyx

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The Orc’s Oath (Fated Inmates #2) by Safia Nyx

I’m a nice girl, so why can’t I stop thinking about the Orc mating fight?

I’ve been passed a problem prisoner to deal with. And this one is a massive, deadly, orc warrior.
He said I smelled like his axe and the blood of the first lion he killed. Rude. I honestly don’t know what’s wrong with him. Or why I keep thinking about his biceps. And his forest green eyes.
I need to pull myself together and get to the bottom of why he keeps getting into fights. There’s a secret there and I’m determined to uncover it.

My battle plans are legendary among Orcs. But my plan to escape prison falls apart the moment I see her. Small, curvy and dressed in the colors of my tribe.
Now claiming her is the only thing that matters.
I’ll show her that I am the strongest monster here. I can win any fight. I’ll even win this strange human challenge she has given me. Therapy.

The Orc’s Oath – Safia Nyx

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