The Necromancer’s War by SJ Himes [ePub]

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The Necromancer’s War (The Beacon Hill Sorcerer #6) by SJ Himes, Sheena Jolie

Angel Salvatore has been through one supernatural war, and it nearly took everything from him.
Over a decade later, the High Council of Sorcery is coming for Angel and all he holds dear–his found family and friends, and the city he calls home. His beloved mate Simeon at his side, Angel confronts ghosts from his family’s past, and a reawakening of memories of the worst day of his life. Nothing and no one is safe as the High Council moves against Angel and his loved ones. New allies and old friends join Angel on his side of the brewing conflict, all preparing for the battles to come, while a new enemy comes to Boston, bringing ancient magic and monsters in his wake.
The rising potential of an international war is brewing in Boston, and the infamous necromancer of Beacon Hill will need all his allies, skills, and lessons learned to keep his mate, family, and his future safe.

The Necromancer’s War – SJ Himes, Sheena Jolie

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