The Moonstone Pirate by Meara Platt

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The Moonstone Pirate (The Moonstone Landing #6) by Meara Platt

Welcome to Moonstone Landing, where moonstones shimmer beneath the sea and a pirate’s heart is about to be captured with true love’s kiss.

Lady Imogen Stockwell is convinced her handsome new neighbor, Draco Waring, Earl of Woodley is a pirate. How could he not be with a name like Draco and he has a dog by the name of Parrot? Then there are the pirate caves on his property and a murder that took place at the foot of those caves during a masquerade ball he hosted to introduce himself to the residents of Moonstone Landing. Imogen does not suspect him of committing the crime since he happened to be with her at the time it occurred.

But something odd is going on and Imogen is determined to solve the murder as well as figure out Draco’s involvement in it, if any. His steamy kisses won’t deter her, nor will the fact that he seems to be going out of his way to protect her at the risk to his own life. As dangers unfold and the truth is discovered, will Imogen admit she has fallen in love with Draco? Can Draco, an experienced and fearless man of action ever love her, a snoopy innocent who inadvertently put his life in danger?

The Moonstone Pirate – Meara Platt

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