The Magic of Rainbows by Leeanna Morgan

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The Magic of Rainbows (Love on Anchor Lane #3) by Leeanna Morgan

Eden adores teaching but, after a terrifying incident, she moves to Sapphire Bay, looking for a new beginning and the sense of security she’s lost.
Surrounded by stunning scenery and charming locals, she finds herself drawn to Steve, a former soldier grappling with the haunting memories of war, and his adorable puppy, Rex.
Together, they navigate the turbulent journey of healing, discovering that some wounds run deeper than they appear. Can their newfound connection withstand the weight of their personal struggles? Will Eden and Steve find the strength to rebuild their lives and embrace a future that’s better than they imagined?
THE MAGIC OF RAINBOWS is the third novel in the Love on Anchor Lane series and can easily be read as a stand-alone. Each of Leeanna’s series is linked. If you find a character you like, they might be in another novel. Happy reading!

The Magic of Rainbows – Leeanna Morgan

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