The Lucky One by Naemi Tiana

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The Lucky One (Lovely #3) by Naemi Tiana

#1 Have an adventure – even if it’s about to end?
#2 Find confidence – there’s still someone I can’t face.
#3 Experience real love – two different kinds of love I’m afraid to lose…

In my exchange year in America, my three reasons for coming here twisted and turned in unexpected directions. I did prove them wrong: I’m not Puppe anymore. But I don’t like who I’ve become instead.
With spring around the corner, promising a fresh start, a new beginning, I can’t help but wonder, what if that new beginning doesn’t include him?

And by him, I mean… both of them.
Jon Denson is my addiction, the one I need. But with the clock ticking, will he be ready to give me what I want?
Paul Shields, the one who used to be my home. I should move out, but it isn’t so easy to lock the door and throw away the key.
I love them fiercely, but I can’t have them both—just like I can’t hide from my past.
With the budding leaves, the truth comes to light. It bursts within me and shapes me into who I am. Life can’t be planned; it unfurls when we let go.
With my exchange year coming to an end… will I have to live without them?

The Lucky One – Naemi Tiana

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