The Lost Princess of Oz by Mae Holloway

The Lost Princess of Oz (The Ozma Chronicles #2) by Mae Holloway – Download this ePUB for Free & share your feedback in the comments.

A lost princess found. A king on the brink of death. A savior returns.When the truth is revealed…who will be queen?
After fleeing the fallen Emerald City and escaping to the empire of The Woodsman, Tip is desperate to revive the poisoned Scarecrow King of Oz.Though she never planned to love him—a man who certainly hasn’t proven easy to love—Tip can no longer deny her feelings. Feelings that, like her newfound powers, grow stronger with each passing day.While those around her become more convinced than ever that she is Ozma, the long-lost princess of Oz, Tip needs more than proof of royal blood and a stolen lineage to rescue the realm.And the king.Allying herself with The Woodsman, Tip uses her powers to open a portal to her old world.Her goal? To return to Oz the one young woman capable of saving The Scarecrow.A woman who might just love The Scarecrow, too.A girl from Kansas. A girl named Dorothy Gale.

The Lost Princess of Oz – Mae Holloway ePUB

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