The Lighthouse Library by Rachael Lucas

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The Lighthouse Library (Applemore Bay) by Rachael Lucas

Meg’s life changes forever the day her husband dies… but not in the way everyone thinks.
A peaceful summer – house-sitting her old friend’s lighthouse cottage in the tiny Highland village of Applemore – is the perfect chance to work out what she wants from the second half of her life…

She discovers she’s responsible for the little free library on the lighthouse path, and quickly learns it has a second role – it’s a drop off point to exchange everything from fresh-laid eggs to lost keys and love notes. Meg finds herself caught up in village life and discovers the close-knit community has secrets under the surface – and she has to find confidence to deal with them…
Forestry worker Gabe has found a new life in Applemore. He’s resisted the well meaning attempts of his match-making co-workers and is loving the peace after a high-flying city career.
When he meets Meg, he starts to wonder if fate might be offering him a second chance at happiness – but first he has to deal with the past he’s left behind…

It’s hard to stay invisible in a small town like Applemore, where friendship, family and love are waiting just around the corner.

The Lighthouse Library – Rachael Lucas

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