The Lies About Forever by Claudia Burgoa

The Lies About Forever (Impossibly Possible #1) by Claudia Burgoa – Download this ePUB for Free & share your feedback in the comments.

Bestselling Author Claudia Burgoa once again hits readers with an inspiring and gut-wrenching love story duet.
Lightning can strike the same place more than once.The first time, it robbed me of my high school sweetheart.Shattering our forever.I was just sixteen.Too young to understand the medical jargon that meant she was gone.Too naïve to see that forever was nothing but a fairytale.Now, years later, I meet Ameline.I tried not to fall in love, but it was impossible.She gathered all my broken pieces and put me back together.I knew the only way to keep myself intact was never to love again.But I fell for the illusion of forever once more.At least until I lost her.Now I’m left questioning everything.What does forever mean when it’s built on a foundation of pain and loss?How do you move on when lightning keeps targeting your heart?Why bother believing in forever when tomorrow isn’t guaranteed?
The Lies About Forever is book one of the Impossibly Possible duet that ends on a jarring cliffhanger that will break you into a million pieces.

The Lies About Forever – Claudia Burgoa ePUB

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