The Last Promise You Made by LJ Evans

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The Last Promise You Made (The Hatley Family #2) by LJ Evans

When it’s impossible to forget the last promise you made…

After my ex stole from me and took off, I swore off anything that even looked like a relationship.
I survived by devoting myself to the ranch and my family, keeping my head down, and accepting some of us just aren’t meant for happily ever afters.
Until a spitfire undercover agent shatters everything I believed by introducing me to a little girl who’s supposedly mine.
Now, my world centers around keeping the child safe from the danger in her past and keeping my hands off the sexy agent who is guaranteed to do what all the women in my life have done before her—leave.
Until then, I have to protect them both while somehow guarding my heart.

I’d already cleared Ryder Hatley and his family from ties to the cartel I’m hunting. But when a dead woman in a hotel leaves behind a little girl who appears to be his, I’m sent back to the wilds of Tennessee to investigate once more. What I can’t do is let the arrogant cowboy see how he makes my heart race.
I’m only in this middle-of-nowhere town until I make sure the girl is safe. To do that, I need to uncover the secret her mother was hiding. There’s no way I’ll get attached to the grumpy rancher turned doting father. No way I’ll see the three of us tucked into his home as the family I never wanted.
Not even a common enemy can force us to trust each other after our rocky start.
Desire is an inconvenience I won’t cave into.
Falling in love is absolutely out of the question…

The Last Promise You Made – LJ Evans

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