The Knights of Gaia by Ella Summers [ePub]

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The Knights of Gaia (Paragons #1) by Ella Summers

Sixteen years ago, a terrible Curse struck the Earth. Humanity is still fighting it today.

Like every teenager, Savannah has lived her whole life dreaming of the day she would become a Knight. She’s spent every waking hour studying, training, performing—anything she could do to convince the Government to put her on that elite list.
But she doesn’t make the cut.
So Savannah comes up with a dangerous plan. If she succeeds, she will have a second shot at becoming a Knight. But if she fails, she’ll be exiled to the Wilderness, the fallen ruins of civilization where cities crumble and the Cursed Ones prey on the weak.

The Knights of Gaia is the first book in the Paragons urban fantasy series, a tale of chivalrous knights, snarky heroes, supernatural drama—and one young woman’s epic journey to defy the naysayers and seize her destiny.

The Knights of Gaia – Ella Summers

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