The Kingdom Cursed By Iron by Zara Storm [ePub]

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The Kingdom Cursed by Iron (The Gold Weaver #2) by Zara Storm

Heartbroken and betrayed, I fled the faerie court… only to be dragged back by my captor, a dark Fae Prince.
I should have never made a deal with Ruskin.
He’s used me before.
Now, he needs me again. The Queen has been doomed to eternal sleep. And I alone can break the spell.
Once she wakes, my work should be done. I can leave and force myself to forget the handsome prince and his brutal yet beautiful court.
Queen Evanthe’s return was meant to heal the land, but she’s too weak.
It doesn’t take long to discover that an iron-soaked curse now haunts this land.
Only by uncovering the sinister plots woven through the court can I break the curse.
I won’t be able to do it alone.
Somehow, magic runs through my blood, and every day at court I’m closer to unlocking my true power.
But it’s deeply entwined with the Fae Prince. And he’s not to be trusted.
Nor can I trust myself around him.
His kisses draw me to him, even as his manipulations threaten to tear us apart.
And I fear the secrets he’s keeping could doom us all.

The Kingdom Cursed by Iron – Zara Storm

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