The Jester by Alexis Brooke

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The Jester (The Fae Court #1) by Alexis Brooke

I was taken, kidnapped by traffickers and sold like cattle at a market.
All for a magic that runs deep through my families bloodline.

Now Lord Eldrion claims me as his own. Cold and cruel he parades me around as a Lady of not only the citadel but his lands, all while refusing to look me in the eyes when he addresses me.
This life is worse than death, where others would embrace the luxury I see it as nothing more than a gilded cage.
But there is one person who sees me, who dares to defy Lord Eldrion. He too is a prisoner here, trained and forced to entertain visitors at the citadel.
Like me he is trapped, but even after all this time his spirit is not broken, he is the light in this darkness.
It is in the darkness where we must meet, it is in the shadows of the citadel where we grow dangerously close. Each stolen moment the only chance I have to claw at any semblance of control.
But if Lord Eldrion found out, if he knew, I fear what he what he would do to us.
Despite this fear I can’t stop myself, that need to have control of something, that is what pulls me close to him. In this cold place I have found someone like me who is bound by invisible chains.
Chains I am desperate to break.
With the help of the Jester.

The Jester – Alexis Brooke

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