The Immortal & the Vampyr by Myka Loren

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The Immortal & the Vampyr (Curses & Gods Duet) by Myka Loren

What happens when fate crosses the paths of a temperamental, attention-seeking immortal with a death wish, and a beautiful Vampyr who wants nothing more than to stay hidden?


I’d made some questionable decisions in my life and dabbled in some extreme vices to dull the voices in my head, so the foul-smelling fairy was my last option–my last chance at salvation.
He and he alone had the spell I needed to end my shitty life, and I was damn well going to end it, one way or another.
Gorgeous vampyr or not.
I would die.
My decrepit heart just needed to get with the fucking program.

Fate was an odd force of divinity. It moved through the world in random ways, but there was purpose in every twist and bend. It was this power of inevitable destiny that brought the unconscious male into my jail cell–the male that would be my undoing.
Behind his crass demeanor and long lashes, I found myself enthralled with what he hid beneath. My purpose was skewed, and all that I had been trying to escape was thrust back into my life with no time to prevent it.
That was Atreyis, though.
A cyclone in the garden of peace. A rare rose with thorns to prick and maim.
I should have left him. I should have run from fate. Instead, I let it ensnare me, doomed to become its next victim.

The Immortal & The Vampyr is an MM DARK romantasy. Some running themes in this story include satirical humor, which may or may not be immature, a character that breaks the fourth wall, emotional damage by the bucket load, and unhinged shenanigans.

The Immortal & the Vampyr – Myka Loren

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