The Hook Up by Tawna Fenske

The Hook Up (First Impressions #3) by Tawna Fenske – Download this ePUB for Free & share your feedback in comments.

She’s a single mom who’s over the fairy tale, thank you very much.
Ellie Sanders doesn’t need a man for anything, except maybe marketing tips.

Good thing Tyler Hendrix isn’t looking for love and marriage either.
The Navy helped Ty put his lousy childhood behind him.
He’s happy running First Impressions’ video firm and helping Ellie build her business.
Problem is, Ellie’s business involves adult toys.
Yeah, that kind.
Which means Ty can’t stop picturing her in his bed.
That’s the only reason he wants her this badly, right?
Or maybe it’s their minefield of sexy wardrobe malfunctions and plumbing mishaps.
Or the adorably awkward dates giving Ty sweet glimpses of what fatherhood could be like.
Turns out Ellie has the coolest five-year-old on the planet, but Henry complicates things.
Ty’s wired to be a fling, not a father.
His own deadbeat dad saw to that.
And Ty’s determined not to be like his jailbird old man.
But what if Ellie and Henry are the magic key that unlocks Ty’s heart for good?

The Hook Up – Tawna Fenske ePUB

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