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The Home Game (Relationship Goals #4) by Brigham Vaughn

Matty Carlson Playing House with Local Schoolteacher?
Toronto Fisher Cats enforcer, Matt Carlson, was recently spotted in the park with a hot mystery man and four children ranging in age from pre-teen to infant.
A close source indicates that the man is prep school English teacher, Antoni Bianchi, who has been spotted with Carlson in public recently.
Following the cozy park outing, Carlson was photographed with his arm around Bianchi as they returned to Carlson’s home, adding fuel to the speculation that the men are dating and, perhaps, living together.
Just friends or is something else heating up their late summer nights?
Since Carlson’s acrimonious divorce five years ago, he has not been romantically linked to anyone but rumors swirled of involvement with a man prior to the split.
Is the enforcer ready to “switch teams” for good?
When asked to comment on her ex’s sexuality, aspiring actress Courtney Quinn stated, “I don’t know why everyone is surprised. It’s not like it’s the first time he’s been with a man.”
Sour grapes from a jilted lover or secrets from his past revealed?

The Home Game – Brigham Vaughn

Download The Home Game by Brigham Vaughn [ePub]

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