The Hockey Player and the Tutor by Sierra Hill

The Hockey Player and the Tutor by Sierra Hill – Download this ePUB for Free & share your feedback in the comments.

This inexperienced tutor is looking for her prince.Could a charming hockey player be the one?
Bayside NW University sophomore, Brinly Davis, is thrilled about the upcoming semester. Being back on the West Coast and far from her overbearing mother, Brin finally has the freedom to shape her life on her own terms.Always the enthusiastic overachiever, Brin’s schedule is packed with coursework, tutoring, and now volunteering for this Halloween’s Sigma Kappa Alpha fundraiser.What she doesn’t have time for is the intense attraction she feels towards her new tutoring student, Preston Dahl, or how he makes her feel.Contrary to the assumptions of those who don’t know him, Preston isn’t your typical arrogant player, party boy or a dumb jock.

but this semester, with the increased pressures of hockey and his upcoming graduation, Preston falls behind in his English Lit class and is given an ultimatum from his coach—get his grades up or lose the athletic scholarship.Working with Brinly is supposed to help increase Preston’s focus on his studies, but that’s nearly impossible when he’s paired with the gorgeous, well-endowed sorority student as his tutor, creating a major distraction and lots of feelings.
Can Preston keep his attention on school when his new tutor asks him to take her V-card? Will Brin’s interfering mother tragically rewrite her happily-ever-after with the hockey-playing Prince Charming?

The Hockey Player and the Tutor – Sierra Hill ePUB

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