The Highlander’s Prize by Mary Wine

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The Highlander’s Prize⁠ (The Sutherlands #1) by Mary Wine

In 15th century Scotland Clarissa of York is sent to be the king’s mistress and produce an heir. She is a bastard of the English King, her royal blood is highly coveted, and she has never needed a miracle more. But the brusque Highland laird who kidnaps her is a bit too rough to be considered divine intervention.
With rival lairds determined to steal Clarrisa from him and royal henchmen searching for her all over the Highlands, Laird Broen MacNicols has a mess on his hands.
Though he stole Clarissa for political reasons, there’s a magnetic attraction between them, and his betrothal to another is just one of the things standing in their way.
But even an independent–minded lady like Clarissa knows that a Highlander always claims his prize…

The Highlander’s Prize⁠ – Mary Wine

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