The Heir’s Bargain by Neena Laskowski

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The Heir’s Bargain (Of Fire and Lies) by Neena Laskowski

A fierce warrior. A Crown Prince. A Bargain that could break them apart.

Danisinia Ferrios has always lived in the shadow of her family’s legacy, but now, as she aims for a major promotion, her lack of personal ties threatens to hold her back. Now, she has less than five months to prove her commitment.

Enter her smug best friend and newly appointed Crown Prince of Pontia, Fynneares Nadarean, bearing an unexpected proposition: a faux courtship. Desperate to fend off unwanted suitors arranged by her mother, Dani relents.
But as their friendship blurs into something more, they must navigate the murky waters of love and duty. Will their arrangement lead to a happily ever after, or will it unravel before their eyes?

The Heir’s Bargain – Neena Laskowski

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