The Heat of Us by Eliana Lee

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The Heat of Us (The Bond Dissolution Omegaverse #3) by Eliana Lee

I have no desire for a pack.
I don’t need to be taken care of.
I earn my own money as an OmegaFans creator. The National Omega Commission’s heat services has all the alpha knots I’ll ever need.
As for love? That ship sailed a long time ago.
So why is it so hard to keep these three men at arm’s length?

Ben, my best friend’s brother, who was only meant to be an uncomplicated party hook-up.
Aleks, the broody beta who I’m certain only tolerates me.
Not to mention “Ryder”, the OnlyA’s alpha I’ve started collaborating with. It’s easier to ignore what’s between us if I don’t find out his real name.
None of them know the others exist. And I’m certainly not a sweet, attentive omega that could bring a pack together, even if I wanted to.
But there’s an invisible threat lurking, and they may be my only salvation from the sins of my past.

The Heat of Us – Eliana Lee

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