The Grumpy Storm Chaser by Pippa Brook

The Grumpy Storm Chaser (Love in a Storm #1) by Pippa Brook – Download this ePUB for Free & share your feedback in the comments.

She will be mine, come hell or high water.
ColbyAs the meteorologist for a nationwide TV show, I’m at the top of my career. There’s just one problem: I’m bored to death. If I have to give one more weather report in front of a green screen, I’ll go insane. A massive storm is brewing, and this time, I’m not riding it out… I’m chasing it down. Come on, rain. Bring on the thunder and lightning. Send the whirlwind.I’m not afraid.But when the path of destruction leads me straight to the door of a curvy blonde with eyes the color of a cloudless sky, I fall instantly. Suddenly, I have something to fear: losing her.

The Grumpy Storm Chaser – Pippa Brook ePUB

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