The Gentlemen Authors Series by Sophie Barnes

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The Gentlemen Authors Series by Sophie Barnes

A Duke’s Guide to Romance:
Anthony Gibbs, Duke of Westcliffe, needs an income. Bills must be paid, appearances kept, and arrangements made for his sisters’ debuts. But how? The answer dawns on him when he meets Ada Quinn, a bookish wallflower who inspires him to write a romance novel. Falling for her however is tricky, for she’s not the sort of woman he can afford to marry.

A Duke’s Introduction to Courtship:
Disguised as a boy, Harriet Michaels seeks employment at a printing press. But problems arise when she meets Mr. Evans, the new assistant editor. Not just because of the danger they both face if they give in to their rising attraction, but because Mr. Evans is not who he claims to be either.

A Duke’s Lesson in Charm:
Callum Davis, Duke of Stratton, never expected to get along with Emily Brooke, but thanks to his ward, he starts to realize she’s pretty good company. However, a pretend courtship makes him wish for more than friendship with her. So when she finds out what he’s written about her, he must make every effort to prove his love for her is real, or risk losing her forever.

The Gentlemen Authors Series – Sophie Barnes

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