The Gentleman Spy by Georgina North

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A spy. His Ward. And a battle of wills that sparks with chemistry.
After years abroad as a spy for England, an injury forces Beauden Calverleigh home. But what he finds upon his return is more captivating—and vexing—than he could have ever imagined.Emerald, the longtime ward of the Calverleigh family, has blossomed into a vision of beauty and independence during Beau’s absence. Running his estate with a deft hand and a determined spirit, she meets his homecoming with a mixture of resentment and defiance.With every challenge she throws his way, Beau finds himself drawn to her fiery nature and beguiling charm. As he struggles to reconcile his duty as her guardian with his growing desire for her, he stumbles upon a daring smuggling ring with designs on something much bigger and more treacherous than running illegal brandy.When Emerald retreats to London for the season, Beau follows. It isn’t long before he discovers danger lurks around every corner, and he’ll do whatever it takes to keep his ward safe.
In a world where passion and peril collide, will he seize his chance at happiness before it’s too late?

The Gentleman Spy – Georgina North ePUB

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