The Game by Nikki Jewell

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The Game (Lakeview Lightning #2) by Nikki Jewell

These two college seniors have some serious ex problems. And fake dating is the perfect solution. But when the steam between them gets too hot, they both might end up getting burned.

Jazmin Herrera is struggling to get back on track after a terrible relationship. College life isn’t the same after she let her ex push her friends out of her life. And after a mysterious hockey player steps in to rescue her from a dangerous situation, she realizes he might be the answer to her ex-shaped problem.
Cole Schaeffer has mastered the art of keeping to himself. Not such an easy task when you’re an elite college hockey player. But after getting majorly burned by someone on his former team, he’s not interested in letting anyone in. Especially after his ex shows up on campus trying to win him back. So, when a coffee-loving girl walks into his life needing his protection, he thinks he might have the perfect solution to both of their ex issues.
Unfortunately, the more time Jazz spends with Cole, the more she likes the not so bad boy of college hockey. And Cole can’t help but fall for Jazz’s kind heart and passion for her dreams. But will their secrets douse the flames of the sizzling heat that’s growing between them?

The Game – Nikki Jewell

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