The Flirty Forward by A. J. Manney

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The Flirty Forward (Green Thunder #1) by A. J. Manney

Sebastian Hart, the flirty forward for the Green Thunder, has mastered the art of keeping women at arm’s length with his carefully crafted player persona. But when he crosses paths with Stephanie, a no-nonsense history teacher, sparks fly in a way he never expected. Convinced she’s the one, Sebastian makes a bold move that backfires, thrusting Stephanie into the spotlight of unwanted attention.
Stephanie has no time for Sebastian’s smooth talk and flashy lifestyle, but she finds herself reluctantly agreeing to a fake relationship to save face. As they navigate public scrutiny and their own conflicting emotions, Stephanie discovers there’s more to Sebastian than meets the eye.

The Flirty Forward – A. J. Manney

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