The First Loss by JD Linton

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The First Loss (Rogue X Ara #3) by JD Linton

“Write me a letter for every apple you’ve taken.”

For centuries, Vaelor Wrynwood has kept his circle small and his love life smaller. While he once dreamed of being an artist, alive and free, that was a lifetime ago. Now, his heart belongs to his people, and there isn’t room for anything—or anyone—else.
He may not have been thriving, but his kingdom was and that was all that mattered.

Until he returns to his orchard to find a human woman strolling through it, barefoot and humming to herself.
Their story begins here, with apples, a friendship, and hundreds of letters across worlds.
Two hearts who could not be more different. Two souls never meant to cross.
Or were they?

The First Loss – JD Linton

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