The Final Beat by Nikki Ashton

The Final Beat (Warrior Creek #4) by Nikki Ashton – Download this ePUB for Free & share your feedback in the comments.

The final beat doesn’t mean the end of your story
Addiction: not having control of your desire for something
Some people say that addiction is a disease that leads to a compulsion to seek out drink and
drugs. Well, it’s not just substances that I’m addicted to but the one woman I shouldn’t want.
The one woman who makes it clear that the only thing we’ll ever share is the occasional night
together. Yet, the more she pushes me away the more I want her.
I’m Joey Farrow, drummer for Warrior Creek, and even though I’m clean and sober, I’m still
addicted to her.
Denial: The refusal of something desired
I’m an expert at denial because keeping my heart intact is important to me. There is one man
I want but I refuse to let my guard down. He could give me what I need, but he could also
break me, and I can’t risk that…not again. Yet, the more I push him away the more I question
my decision.
I’m his Daisy, and I’m in denial about my reality.
Can two people finally admit what they want or will the final beat signal the end of their
love story.

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