The Feral Alpha by Anna Wineheart

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The Feral Alpha (The Danger Alpha Brotherhood #1) by Anna Wineheart

When a feral alpha shows up at Olson’s bar, growling his name, the first thing he should’ve done was run.
Instead, Olson lets Rex take him. Rex reminds him too much of the alpha he lost. Rex has the same green eyes, the same maplewood scent. The same adoration that his late bondmate gazed at him with.
If Olson closes his eyes, he can pretend that it’s his ex-alpha pulling him into his arms, claiming him completely.
He lets Rex move into his apartment. He lets Rex into his bed. And when his heat rolls in, he lets Rex have that, too, with absolutely no protection because he’s just been so lonely.
Thing is, Rex is twenty-one. And Olson lost his bondmate twenty-one years ago. The similarities between the two alphas…
It’s just coincidence. Right?

The Feral Alpha – Anna Wineheart

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