The Fall of Elijah Gray by Colette Rivera

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The Fall of Elijah Gray (Moonlight Falls) by Colette Rivera

Focus on magic (not the hot chef) and everything will be fine.
Elijah Gray didn’t want to end up back in Moonlight Falls, but when he’s sent to the spooky small town as part of his magical research, he has no choice but to return home.

Parker Hayes is Eli’s brother’s best friend. He’s older, a powerful magical practitioner, and a pillar of the Moonlight Falls community. Eli has known Parker for years and isn’t sure why it feels like he’s never seen Parker properly…
Until now.
Eli has always considered himself straight, but he’s flustered around Parker. He’s noticing Parker in ways straight guys don’t usually think about other men.

He wants Parker but will never act on it. Something casual with his brother’s best friend would be a mistake, and anything more would mean accepting life in a town he can’t wait to escape.

All Eli has to do is ignore his new, confusing desires until he leaves Moonlight Falls. But every casual touch from Parker feels like a revelation, and Eli can’t help wondering if letting himself fall would be so bad.

The Fall of Elijah Gray – Colette Rivera

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