The Endless Deep by Jessie Joi [ePub]

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The Endless Deep (Turning Tides #2) by Jessie Joi

Despite all odds, Maren pulled off the impossible.
Little does she know, impossible is just beginning…

Months away from graduation, Maren’s biggest concern is no longer earning her diploma, but rather a huge secret walking around on two legs and stealing all the food in her fridge- she wished someone had covered ‘merman eating habits’ in her marine mammals class!
After rescuing Kai from the aquarium, she agrees to help him blend into her world until he can return to the sea. Not that she has any idea how to do that, until Cee, Maren’s best friend and the self-declared Cupid of her love life, comes up with a devious solution: Pose Kai as her cousin, and use him and Maren as models to launch her eco-friendly clothing empire.
With Kai’s easy adjustment to the human world, and their new, closer proximity, Maren can no longer ignore her growing feelings towards him, or the way his ocean eyes draw her in like an undertow, promising answers to questions that have lingered beneath the surface for millennia. But their time is like sand in an hourglass, and it’s quickly running out.

Reinhardt is still on the hunt for his missing merman, and the ocean is luring Kai back to her watery depths more and more each day. Maren knows that she will have to let him go, just as she knows that more than her heart will leave with him. But the sea is full of mysteries, ones her father never revealed, and she’s about to find out that her connection to the ocean runs deeper than she ever thought possible.

The Endless Deep – Jessie Joi

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