The Dread Queen’s Bargain by Molly Tullis

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The Dread Queen’s Bargain (The Asphodel #6) by Molly Tullis

Persephone is stuck in Demeter’s shadow, never allowed to grow up, and kept ignorant about the mysterious powers in her veins.

Hades, the enigmatic God of the Underworld, has long been aware of the prophecy that could transform Persephone into not just his consort, but the Dread Queen of the Underworld. After eons of rebuke from the Olympians, he’s scared to even hope it could be true.
When Persephone finally breaks free from Demeter’s control and escapes to the Underworld, Persephone realizes Hades has the answers to questions she has been asking for years, but wants to know why he’s never sought her out.

Persephone’s presence in the Underworld immediately throws Olympus into chaos, pushing Hades and Persephone together sooner than they imagined—but who can fight fate?

The Dread Queen’s Bargain – Molly Tullis

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